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Custom LMS Development

Looking for an efficient LMS solution?

Elearney builds robust software for corporate training, academic learning, and commercial use. Increase learner enrollment, retention, and course completion, or reduce corporate training costs. Meet all your educational business needs.

Learning Management System
Development from a Trusted Provider

Elearney uses a lean-oriented approach to minimize risks, save your time and money, and protect you from making the wrong investment.

Customization of existing solutions

Get the functionality your LMS lacks to achieve your business goals with custom add-ons or integrations. We can help you simplify your UX and make your platform more intuitive. Or we can give a facelift to your UI to reflect your brand’s unique image.

Turnkey LMS built from scratch

Turn your vision and ideas into profits with our full-cycle LMS software development services. From the discovery phase, prototyping, and MVP development to user acceptance testing and post-release support — we’ve got you covered.

Ongoing support


Rely on an experienced tech team once your product is launched. Beyond implementation support, we provide affordable maintenance services. So you can count on ongoing support, enhancements, upgrades, and technical improvements to your product.

Upscale and Grow Your Business

Educational sector

Corporate sector

Create a Profitable Custom LMS with Elearney

Easy to use and manage

Obtain a platform for content creators that’s not only visually appealing but also easy to use and maintain, especially for users with no technical background. We implement a powerful and intuitive admin panel to nudge content creators to design more courses.

Designed for maximum retention

Reduce learner churn and skyrocket your conversion and retention rates. We conduct deep research on the needs of your end users and adapt the UI/UX correspondingly. We also create smooth flows, think through possible critical scenarios, and add gamification elements.

100% custom

Make your LMS design head-turning and unforgettable. Load your product with killer features, from certificates and webinar options to augmented reality (AR) elements. Add diverse templates and editing tools to help content creators customize courses, and let them create personalized learning paths to fulfill learners’ special needs.

Seamlessly scalable

Scale limitlessly and adopt new features rapidly with a custom LMS solution. Easily handle a large amount of data and a great number of users accessing the system at once without gaps or regulatory violations. Organize your users into different branches and allow them to connect from all over the world without delays.

Fully protected and secure

Secure the content in your e-learning product and your users’ sensitive data. Our team uses a combination of SSL, advanced password authentication, data encryption, and other technologies to protect the data in your LMS. We also ensure your e-learning platform is 100% GDPR compliant.


Increase content consumption with mobile apps. Offer products that engage learners on their own time, in their own place, and with their own way of learning. A mobile-friendly LMS should be consistent across devices. Provide a flexible learning experience with a trusted LMS mobile application development company.

Get Inspired by E-learning Solutions
Launched with Elearney

We have been providing learning management system development services for over two years. In this time, we have built technologically advanced and commercially successful products for enterprises, educational institutions, and individuals.

Melanence - an e-learning
platform for people of color

Melanence helps communities of color grow skills, build networks, and earn additional income. This LMS provides a content library, separate course pages, assessments, and a smart recommendation engine. Learners can also benefit from video player settings including widescreen/full-screen mode, playback speed, and subtitles.

A multi-faceted learning management system for schools

Our client made an LMS with custom functionality for schools in developing countries. The system consists of three distinct mobile apps: one for teachers, one for learners, and one for parents. The teacher app provides efficient tools for creating courses and tracking results. Learners can easily access course schedules and assignments. Parents have a chance to monitor children’s learning progress.

A language learning platform for individuals and schools

We helped our client build an LMS carefully designed for schools and individuals who want to learn languages on their own. Learners can profit from custom classes and rich gamification features involving interactive tasks, levels, and leaderboards. Teachers can take advantage of over 15 types of assignments, manifold lesson types, and course optimization options.


Looking for skilled learning management
system developers?


Deliver real-time training, coaching, and day-to-day meetings from anywhere in the world. Let learners record, play back, and download your sessions. Build a stronger team dynamic with online group training courses and post-activity discussions. Implement various video conferencing options such as GoToMeeting, Zoom, or BigBlueButton.


Offer learners, partners, or distributors to purchase courses and other training-related activities within your LMS. Provide content subscriptions. Enable both single course licenses and bulk orders so learners can buy courses for themselves or on behalf of their company. Deliver one-click payment with multiple options (credit and debit cards, direct billing, etc.). Entice learners into buying more with discount and coupon functionality.


Get a complete picture of how your users find, use, and interact with your LMS with Google Analytics or other analytics solutions. Find out when, where, and from what devices users access your LMS to tailor your product. For instance, you may notice that you need to build mobile solutions. Detect problems in your product. Diagnose pages in your LMS that confuse users by looking for high bounce rates.


Have full control over your customer and training information with customer relationship management (CRM) software like Salesforce or Pipedrive. Connect directly with learners before, during, and after they’ve purchased courses on your LMS. Facilitate product onboarding, feature adoption, ongoing engagement, and overall learner success.


Increase engagement with your learning management system. Integrate communication tools like Slack to notify users whenever a new course has been added or notify employees when a training-related event is scheduled. You can consider Twilio as well. Send personal SMS notifications to students when they’re first enrolled, pass milestones, or fail a quiz.



Incorporate social media into your learning management system to increase online collaboration and engagement. Encourage learners to share experiences both before and after training with the help of discussion threads. Integrate with Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter to nudge learners to share courses or content from your LMS with their friends.



Sync your human resource software with your LMS system. Keep a full profile with all vital data on each employee in one place. Streamline employee onboarding and ensure new workers learn the basics as fast as possible. Know the effectiveness of training, view completed and pending courses by each employee, and identify who needs an extra nudge.


Get more out of your learning management system. We can implement any integration to fulfill your business needs. Reduce manual tasks and increase the range and depth of reports. Help individuals and teams collaborate and achieve their goals easier.

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