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Pivto Digital Learning

Learning Management System for Pivto Digital Learning




Web based Learning Management System

The Case

The goal of this project is to:

  • Pivto creates effective learning for healthcare organizations' employees, customers, and clinical teams.
  • From new product launch training for your commercial team to disease-state or clinical trial education for your clinical group.
  • Pivto creates unique digital learning solutions for the health community.
  • Unlock the potential of your employees, customers and public with custom video-based learning.
  • Custom branded learning platform for customers, employees, or the public. Let us help you create the perfect LMS for both your external and internal users.

The Solution

We helped Pivto digital learning create an LMS which trained their students and staff members in the healthcare sector.We added easy accessible courses consisting of Videos, Audios, Assignments and quizzes to engage them in a modern learning platform.

Their Impact

Your learning platform in a few days rather than months. Host on your own domain. Create onboarding experiences quickly and at scale.Share interactive courses (SCORM), high-quality video, documents, and even host live training.  Curate experiences to create custom learning experiences.Create learning experiences for external or internal users. A low flat rate allows unlimited active users. Develop blended learning experiences with live and self-paced experiences.

Their Strategy

High-quality native video and audio
We can easily embed from external hosts.
SCORM and AICC compatibility
It has the ability to add SCORM packages and AICC.
Live Training and Virtual Live Training
We make it capable of live video training sessions.
Documents and pdf downloads
All the documents are trackable and downloadable from anywhere.

Final Outcome

We made sure that their Learning Management system provides all the required information for all the students & staff members in high quality native video and audio.so they can have learning experiences.
We provide 12/7/365 support via chat and email to make sure that the users are using the LMS effectively and efficiently. We also make sure that the LMS is up and running at all times.