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Web based Learning Management System

The Case

The goal of this project is to:

  • Champion tomorrow’s business leaders and help their companies stay on the cutting edge of their industries.
  • Provide training programs that prepare job seekers for the careers of tomorrow -- especially those individuals who would not otherwise have access to opportunities.
  • Equip companies with tools to measure their social and environmental impact, making impact assessments a core part of the sustainable economy.
  • Assist entrepreneurs wherever they are in the world and help them find local solutions to global challenges.
  • Convene innovative individuals and organizations striving to accelerate change and create a better world.

The Solution

We helped INCO group create an LMS which trained their students and staff members how they can help change the world. We added easy accessible courses consisting of Assignments and quizzes in 8 different languages to make sure that the word reaches every part of the world.

Their Impact

People at inco believe in evidence-based investment strategies. Impact assessment is the core of our work and critical to the success of our partnerships.
While we take into account a business’s economic performance -- in particular return on investment -- they also equally value a business’ performance in other areas, such as environmental sustainability and social responsibility.
The INCO Ratings tools were originally developed for INCO’s investments. They now make it available to both public institutions and private companies interested in evaluating their performance, with a focus on improving their social and environmental practices in addition to their financial returns.

Their Strategy

Invest locally to make a difference globally.
We find that the best solutions for global change are happening at the local level.
Take action around the world.
In an interdependent world, local social and environmental issues become global. This is why we take on projects around the world alongside partners and entrepreneurs who are driving change locally.
Rethink how to evaluate success.
Over the past ten years, we have developed INCO Ratings, an evaluation tool to measure the global impact of our programs and the projects we support.
Foster strategic partnerships.
We create strategic connections with well-respected public and private partners to increase our capacity for problem-solving and innovation.

Final Outcome

We made sure that their Learning Management system provides all the required information to the students so they can have learning experiences at their fingertips.
We provide 12/7/365 support via chat and email to make sure that the users are using the LMS effectively and efficiently. We also make sure that the LMS is up and running at all times.