About Us

A team of passionate people who are working on Moodle for the Previous two to three years and now they have all merged to provide facilities to clients worldwide.

Our Mission

Illiteracy is one of the biggest issues in the world. Our primary mission is to remove this by developing online schools and online educational institutes that will empower the students to learn from their houses without paying more money.

Our Plan

Our Plan is to empower teachers and educators to teach students from their houses. There would be no fees of transportation and other expenses. Elearning always promotes a professional method of teaching, studying and supervising.

Our Vision

We want a world where there is no illiteracy and people can read or write. They can be at any level of education but atleast they would have the opportunity to learn.


We provide the following Services:

Hosting Support

Don't have a hosting or Domain to put up your Webiste?
No Worries! We got you covered!

Moodle Install

Installation of the complete CMS on your web hosting.

Theme Setup

We have a list of premium themes that we can provide you for low costs, The setting up of theme and getting them ready is our headache.

Content Creation

Got Powerpoint slides? Want them better? We will create scorm packages for you that you can upload directly to your Moodle website.

Content Upload

We will upload all your course content and create your course ready for your students!


Got alot of users with no Technical Knowledge? We will get you support and guidance for your customers on Monthly basis.

Need help?

Send us a Mail with your query and we'll be happy to help.



We have worked on many projects for many hours to satisfy many clients!






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Head Office: Lahore,Pakistan
Corporate Office: Mississippi,US